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Symposium in Complex Analysis and Geometry

Bedlewo (near Poznan, Poland), 5-11 June 2016

First Announcement

The Institute of Mathematics of the Jagiellonian University, together with the Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center and Warsaw Center of
Mathematical Sciences are organizing

"Symposium in Complex Analysis and Geometry " to be held 05-11.06.2016  in Bedlewo near Poznan (Poland).

This event is meant as a part of activity of European Several Complex Variables Consortium (see: http://e-scv.fmf.uni-lj.si/)

The aim is to bring together  leading experts, junior researchers, and graduate students in the areas of  several complex variables, complex
geometry, complex dynamics, and related partial differential equations.

The list of speakers includes:

E. Bedford                    (Stony Brook)
J.-P. Demailly               (Grenoble)
P. Ebenfelt                    (San Diego)
S. Fu                            (Rutgers)
V. Guedj                       (Toulouse)
Frank Kutzschebauch (Bern) B. Lamel (Vienna) S. Nemirovski (Moscow) T. Ohsawa (Nagoya) M. Oka (Tokyo) N. Mok (Hong Kong) D.H. Phong (New York)
B. Shiffman (Baltimore) M.-C. Shaw (Notre Dame) G. Szekelyhidi (Notre Dame)
A. Teleman (Marseille) A. Tomassini (Parma) V. Tosatti (Northwestern) X. Zhou (Beijing) The conference fee is 100 dollars (or 370 PLN for Polish participants). The rest of the costs (including stay and meals) is covered by organizers. We plan to reimburse the costs of stay of PhD students and young researchers. Further information regarding this as well as registration, travel info and visa issues is to appear soon at http://bcc.impan.pl/16Symposium/. John Erik Fornaess Franc Forstnerič Xiaojun Huang Stanisław Janeczko Sławomir Kołodziej (Scientific Committee)

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