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Tollered (Gothenburg), 19-21 May 2017
Dear colleagues,
This is the third and final announcement of the 21st Nordan conference on Complex Analysis and related topics to be held at Nääs Fabriker in Tollered, just outside of Gothenburg, on May 19-21, 2017.
For the list of speakers and further information, please visit the conference web-page
Please notice that the deadline for registration is March 20, after that we cannot guarantee available rooms.
To register, please send an email either to Håkan Samuelsson Kalm (hasam<at>chalmers.se) or to Elizabeth Wulcan (wulcan<at>chalmers.se). Please let us know if you have any allergies or any other dietary restrictions. Also, please let us know if you want a single room or if you could consider sharing.
Hope to see you in Göteborg in May!
Best regards,
Robert Berman, Dennis Eriksson, Håkan Samuelsson Kalm, David Witt Nyström, Elizabeth Wulcan

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