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CIME summer school Complex non-Kähler geometry

Dear friends,

we are glad to announce the CIME summer school “Complex non-Kähler geometry” that will be held in Cetraro (Italy) from the 9th to the 13th July 2018.

There will be 4 mini-courses:

- Slawomir Dinew (Jagiellonian University) on Pluripotential Theory on Hermitian Manifolds;

- Andrei Teleman (Aix-Marseille Université) on Compact Complex Surfaces;

- Valentino Tosatti (Northwestern University) on Special Hermitian Metrics;

- Santiago Alberto Verjovsky (UNAM) on Foliations and LVMB manifolds.

We warmly encourage graduate students and young researchers to participate.

Fundings are available and the registration/application will start in September/October 2017.
Then a second announcement will be sent.

Best wishes,

the schools directors,

Daniele Angella,
Leandro Arosio,
Eleonora Di Nezza

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