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Holomorphic Elliptic Geometry and Group Actions

Bern, Switzerland, September 4-7, 2018

The event consists of the CUSO minicourse and the SMS Autumn Conference.
Registration is now open, more information can be found on the conference webpage:

"Introduction to compact and reductive group actions on affine algebraic varieties and Stein manifolds"
Gerald Schwarz, Brandeis University

Conference Speakers:
Filippo Bracci, Universita  di Roma Tor Vergata
Adrien Dubouloz, Universite de Bourgogne
John Erik Fornaess, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Franc Forstnerič, University of Ljubljana
Kang-Tae Kim, Pohang University of Science and Technology
Hanspeter Kraft, University of Basel
Berit Stensones, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Erlend Fornaess Wold, University of Oslo

Organizing Committee:
Frank Kutzschebauch, University of Bern
Rafael Andrist, University of Wuppertal

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