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Second Virtual Conference on Complex Analysis and Complex Geometry

10 May - 13 June 2021
The Second Virtual Conference on Complex Analysis and Complex Geometry will be held next May and June, with 15 talks posted from Monday 10 May to Friday 28 May and the conference forum open for another two weeks, until Sunday 13 June.
Rafael Andrist, American University of Beirut
Anna Miriam Benini, Universita di Parma
Severine Biard, Universite Polytechnique Hauts-de-France
Sean Curry, Oklahoma State University
Fusheng Deng, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Eleonora Di Nezza, Institut de Mathematiques de Jussieu
Barbara Drinovec Drnovsek, University of Ljubljana
Romain Dujardin, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
Martino Fassina, University of Vienna
Matteo Fiacchi, University of Rome Tor Vergata
John Erik Fornaess, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Alexandre Sukhov, Universite de Lille
Kaushal Verma, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Erlend Fornaess Wold, University of Oslo
Steven Zelditch, Northwestern University
The First Virtual Conference on Complex Analysis and Complex Geometry was held in May and June last year.  There were 111 participants from 23 countries.  Each day while new talks were being posted there were on average 151 visits to the site by 39 unique visitors.
Like last year, this year's conference will be hosted in an easy-to-use online system (called OWL) at Western University in London, Canada.  The conference will start on Monday 10 May.  Over the following 3 weeks, speakers will upload their talks to OWL, where participants can watch them (in a manner similar to YouTube).  Participants and speakers can discuss each talk in a forum (discussion board) in OWL.  The forum will stay open over the next 2 weeks, until Sunday 13 June, and then the 5-week conference will be over.
If you wish to participate in the conference, send an e-mail to Rasul Shafikov ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), preferably before 30 April.  If you participated in last year’s conference, your OWL account is still active and ready to use for this year’s conference.  You do not need to contact Rasul unless you’ve lost your OWL password.
Leandro Arosio, University of Rome Tor Vergata
Finnur Larusson, University of Adelaide
Rasul Shafikov, Western University Canada

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