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24-29 March 2014, CIRM, Luminy, France.


We are organizing the first joint session of the Nordic Complex Analysis Meeting (NORDAN) and Komplex Analysis Winter school And workshop (KAWA) series.

From March 24 to March 27 we will have a Winter School made up of three courses:

- "Recent developments on ∂¯ " by Jean-Pierre DEMAILLY (Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble)

- "Berkovich spaces and complex dynamics" by Mattias JONSSON (University of Michigan)

- "Recent developments in complex hyperbolic geometry" by Erwan ROUSSEAU (Universite de Marseille)

On March 28 and March 29 we will have a Workshop in Complex Analysis and Geometry. The workshop will consist in a dozen of talks given by M. Adachi, E. Amerik, D. Angella, M. Arfeux, R. Berman, J. Deserti, G. Dethloff, N. Fagella, E. Fornaess-Wold, R. Lärkäng, J. Ruppenthal, and S. Yakovenko.

The Winter school will start on Monday morning, the 24th of March 2014, and will end in the afternoon, Thursday the 27th of March 2014. We recommend that participants plan to arrive on Sunday night, March 23. The Workshop will start on Friday the 28th of March 2014 in the afternoon and end on Saturday the 29th, after lunch. Both events will be hosted by CIRM, on the Luminy campus (Marseille, France), see http://www.cirm.univ-mrs.fr/?lang=en

For schedule and abstracts, see our webpage http://euclides.imub.ub.es/kawa14/

You are encouraged to register at http://euclides.imub.ub.es/kawa14 The deadline for registering is December 31, 2013. You are also welcome to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The organizers,

Bo BERNDTSSON (Chalmers University, Goteborg)

Erlend FORNAESS WOLD (University of Oslo)

Vincent GUEDJ (University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)

Jorge MARZO SANCHEZ (University of Barcelona)

Joaquim ORTEGA-CERDA (University of Barcelona)

Pascal THOMAS (University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)

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