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Brunella at ICTP


Honouring the memory of Marco Brunella


ICTP, Trieste
Sept. 29th  Oct. 3, 2014

Scientific committee: R. Moussu (Dijon), M. Pontecorvo (Roma), P. Sad
(IMPA), A. Verjovsky (Cuernavaca)

Organizing committee: C. Arezzo (ICTP), A. Dubouloz (Dijon), L.
Meersseman (Angers), J.V. Pereira (IMPA)

Speakers:   Marco Abate

            Dominique Cerveau

            Jean-Pierre Demailly

            Bertrand Deroin

            Simone Diverio

            A. Fujiki

            E. Ghys (to be confirmed)

            Alexey Glutsyuk

            Adolfo Guillot

            Alcides Lins Neto

            Frank Loray

            Michael McQuillan

            Luis Gustavo Mendes

            Marcel Nicolau

            Mihai Paun

            Jorge Vitorio Pereira

            Matei Toma

            Adriano Tomassini

            Frédéric Touzet

            Massimo Villarini

INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION ON colloque-marco.math.cnrs.fr

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