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General forum information

General information about posting in these forums.
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Jernej Tonejc

Jernej Tonejc
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18.03.2013 16:26

Posting information and rules

Theses forums are intended for discussion of problems in complex analysis and related fields.

Please post questions in the relevant section. If you feel a new section should be added please contact the site administrators through the contact form, accessible from the home screen.

The forums are moderated and each post requires approval before it appears. You have to be registered to post, but once approved, the forum threads and topics are visible to everyone.

You can attach JPG and PNG images, as well as PDF files. There is a size limit of 1MB per file.

The site is also MathJax enabled, so you can type mathematics directly in \(\LaTeX\) form by enclosing the math content between backslash+parentheses. For example, including \frac\partial{\partial\bar z} within \ ( and \ ) (omitting the spaces between \ and () produces

\(\frac\partial{\partial\bar z}\)

Short instructions for simple text formatting can be found at the bottom of the page where you post your text.

You can also subscribe to a particular thread or forum topic by clicking the RSS Feed icon at the bottom of the page.

You can also update your profile (location, avatar, personal information, subscribe to email notifications).

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